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Last Osborne Village Bookstore Set to Close

March 5, 2010 7:46 AM | News

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The last remaining bookstore in Osborne Village is set to close this spring. Beatnik Village Books & Discs at 220 Osborne Street will write its final chapter in May, and the owners have no plans to relocate.

Originally opening up in 2005, the store blames the closure on the owner of the building planning to construct an outdoor patio at Confusion Corner, therefore needing the bookstore’s space to complete the project.

Foot traffic in the area has also been a problem. “30,000 cars a day fly by, but only a handful of humans with thinking parts,” said owner and manager Morris Bay. “Selling books in Winnipeg is like selling leprosy on The Shopping Channel.” Best quote ever!

While the owners don’t have the desire to relocate, they’re seeking 500 to 750 square feet of retail space in the Wolseley/Sherbrook area.


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