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What You Didn’t Know About the Assiniboine River Trail

March 10, 2010 7:05 AM | News

The Assiniboine Credit Union River Trail may have closed last week, but organizers are still talking about it.

The Forks has released a list of the top 25 facts surrounding the record-breaking frozen ice rink.

  1. Number of days ACURT was open — 65
  2. Distance of ACURT (in km) for 2009-2010 — 6
  3. Number of hours worked on creating and maintaining the ACURT — 3000
  4. Estimated number of skaters on the ACURT — 450,000
  5. Estimated number of skate blades cutting into the ice — 900,000
  6. Number of Warming Huts in the new exposition — 5
  7. Amount of graffiti and tagging on the Warming Huts — 0 (Way to Go Winnipeg!)
  8. Number of rogue Warming Huts — 1
  9. Number of Eagles skating the trail — 1
  10. Number of kilometres driven by the veggie Zamboni — 600
  11. Litres of waste vegetable oil used in the veggie Zamboni — 400
  12. Top speed achieved (in km) while drag racing the veggie Zamboni — 80
  13. Number of feet ACU President Al Morin drove the veggie Zamboni — 19
  14. Number of extreme mushers traveling from Churchill, MB, to The Forks — 1
  15. Number of old time hockey games played at Forks port — 70
  16. Number of Christmas trees used to decorate the ACURT — 750
  17. Number of hockey pucks found on the ACURT — 140
  18. Total career goals of former NHL players who played in the Port — 594
  19. Number of curling games played at The Forks Historic Port — 76
  20. Number of River Trailers re-enacting Sidney Crosby’s goal after the Gold Medal Game — 250
  21. Number of kilometres ridden in Ice Bike Race — 2000
  22. Ounces of  hot chocolate served in Voyageur forts — 12,400
  23. Number of pairs of skates rented at The Forks Market — 3500
  24. Number of gallons of river water used to flood trail — 320,000
  25. Number of gallons of coffee drank by ACURT Crew — 320,000

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