Don’t Want Your Vehicle Stolen? Take the Keys With You

Vegas or Bust

The key to not having your vehicle stolen is in the first two words of this sentence. Manitoba Public Insurance is reminding vehicle owners to not leave their keys in their ignition, or in other parts of their vehicle. Nearly 300 immobilizer-equipped vehicles were stolen in 2009 in Manitoba because the keys were left inside, the public insurer said in a news release on Wednesday.

“All of these thefts were preventable,” said Donna Roed, manager of Manitoba Public Insurance’s auto crime prevention unit. “While an approved immobilizer is the most effective way to theft-proof a vehicle, vehicle owners need to be proactive and protect their keys. These protected vehicles cannot be stolen without the keys and thieves look for opportunities to obtain them.”

Another 114 vehicles were stolen when the owners had their keys swiped from either a purse, jacket, or left at a party/bar.




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