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CAA to City: Get Out There and Fix the Potholes!

March 11, 2010 3:46 PM | News

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The City of Winnipeg is budgeting $1.5 million this season for pothole repair, but the work will only begin once the streets dry up.

One day after the city released details of their plans, CAA Manitoba is criticizing them. “We’re disappointed to see that a public works report to address the annual issue of potholes, scheduled to be completed last summer, has now been shelved just as pothole season arrives,” said Mike Mager, CAA Manitoba President and CEO.

“Once again, drivers find themselves on an asphalt obstacle course because the city took its time,” said Mager. “They’ve dropped the ball, didn’t do what they were supposed to do and, frankly, there should be no more excuses. Get more crews out there and fix the holes!” CAA refers to the problem as a “minefield of potholes.”

Mayor Sam Katz noted earlier this week a long-term solution needs to be found to construct city roads in a way that makes them less susceptible to the seasonal nuisance. That option would cost millions of dollars, but it’s one CAA agrees with. “A long-term solution is needed rather than an annual band-aid approach,” CAA said.