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Hydro Whistleblower Breaks Her Silence

April 1, 2010 11:00 AM | News

The woman at the center of the Manitoba Hydro whistleblower debacle, and known by the Public Utilities Board as the “New York Consultant,” will tell her story today on 92.9 KICK-FM.

The woman — who cannot be identified — came forward under the province’s Whistleblower Act in 2008 warning of Manitoba Hydro’s possible financial risks and suggesting the utility has lost $1 billion in recent years.

Last month, her request for intervener status to appear at an upcoming PUB hearing on Manitoba Hydro rates was denied. She wanted the board to cover her expenses to participate, which were estimated at somewhere between $300,000 and $800,000. The board has since disagreed to pay the large sum of money, but negotiated to cover about $26,500 in expenses if she were to participate as an adviser. That offer was rejected by the woman and she will not be present at the PUB’s hearing.

Miss Whistle will talk to Marty Gold at 4 p.m. on “The Great Canadian Talk Show.”

UPDATE: Listen to the interview.