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iPad Launch Draws Canadians South of the Border

April 4, 2010 7:45 AM | News

Canadians couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest gadget from Apple — a tablet-style computer called the iPad. We’re sure you’ve heard of it.

Winnipegger Glenn Tinley of iTVWinnipeg.com drove down to Minneapolis late Friday afternoon for the launch of the iPad Saturday morning at the Mall of America. Tinley wasn’t the only one who made the trek. Local photographer Ian McCausland and Kevin Hnatiuk of New Media Manitoba were also in line bright and early.

The three will examine the device in more detail when they sit down for a discussion at iTVWinnipeg’s offices on Monday. Tinley — the president of Studio Media Group — will talk about what the iPad means from a publishing standpoint, while McCausland and Hnatiuk focus on the photography and new media aspects of it, respectively. Video from the iPad summit will be available shortly thereafter.

When turned into landscape mode, the iPad renders ChrisD.ca in a neat, readable format (above). Because the iPad, like the iPhone and iPod Touch, does not support Flash, we’re in the process of converting our videos to HTML5 so they will all be viewable in the future.

While Apple hasn’t set a specific date for when the device will launch in Canada, it’s expected to be on store shelves by late April. Currently the Wi-Fi version is available for $499 USD, with a 3G subscription-based model coming later for an additional $130.

UPDATE: The video discussion on the iPad has been moved to Thursday, April 8.

Image credit: Glenn Tinley for ChrisD.ca