Fee Waived to Convert Enhanced ID Card to Enhanced Licence

By Sarah Klein

Drivers with an Enhanced Identification Card (EIC) can trade it in for an Enhanced Driver’s Licence (EDL), Manitoba Public Insurance said Tuesday.

The public insurer is reminding motorists this can be done at no additional cost on a one-time only basis when a driver renews their licence for the first time with their new card.

The EDL is good for at least five years and is an alternative to having a passport to cross into the U.S. by land and water. Travelling by air still requires a passport.

Manitobans who don’t have an EIC, but want to upgrade to an EDL can do so at anytime. Those individuals would be required to pay a $30 administration fee and attend an interview.

Drivers wanting to convert their licences outside their renewal date will have to pay a $10 administration fee.

Any Autopac agent in Manitoba can carry out the trade.




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