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Put Your Hands Up — It’s National High Five Day

April 15, 2010 4:58 PM | News

As part of National High Five Day, the guys at Hot 103 broke two records relating to it, and ended up raising money for the MS Society of Canada at the same time.

The longest high five record is held by Sam Stilson and Craig Morrison of Toronto, who ran 3.3 kilometres combined to meet for a single high five. Both men had to run with their hands above their head the entire time to achieve this. Hot 103’s Ace Burpee and Lloyd the Intern unofficially broke this record Thursday morning by running a combined total of 5 kilometres down Portage Avenue.


Meanwhile, Chrissy Troy made various stops in highly populated areas around Winnipeg to high five the most people in a day. The current record is held by Michael Cotter of Dublin with 5,000 high fives. Chrissy went to Winnipeg Square, Sisler High School, St. Vital Centre, Minnetonka School, Kildonan Place and to City Hall — where Mayor Sam Katz delivered high five 5,001.

Hot 103 will donate 25 cents to the MS Society of Canada for every high five Chrissy received for a total of $1,250.25.

Video: Winnipeg Free Press