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Big Victory for Small Manitoba Potato Farmers

April 19, 2010 7:21 AM | News


A deal has been cut between Peak of the Market and the Potato Coalition of Manitoba, which will allow for small potato growers to be exempt from strict guidelines set in place for selling their product in the province.

The agreement will not only benefit the two parties at the forefront of it, but potato producers, farmers markets, restaurants and small independent retailers.

Small potato growers of 5 acres or less and small root crop producers of 1 acre or less can sell year-round to all farmers markets, small independent retail, road side stands and restaurants. The exemption also removes requirements for obtaining a permit from Peak of the Market before selling their product.

The agreed upon exemption went into effect immediately after it was announced on Friday.

“The Potato Coalition of Manitoba is very pleased that Manitoba small potato farmers have better year-round access to the marketplace,” said Erin Crampton, owner of Crampton’s Farm Produce Market on Waverley Street. “Farmers markets, restaurants and small independent grocery stores are thrilled with the outcome.”