Winnipeggers Not Taking Advantage of Fitness, Tuition Tax Credit

By Brian Schultz


Numbers released this week by Intuit, maker of QuickTax software, suggest most of those living in Winnipeg did not take advantage of the fitness or tuition tax credit while filing their 2009 tax return. The study was conducted by Ipsos Reid and surveyed Canadians coast-to-coast.

Only 5% of Winnipeggers took advantage of the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, compared to 12% in Edmonton and 10% in Calgary.

In the area of education, Toronto led the pack with 16% of students filing for the tuition tax credit, while Saskatoon wasn’t far behind at 15%. Winnipeg came in last behind the other major Canadian cities at 9%.

When it came to fixing up the house, 32% of those in Edmonton claimed the Home Renovation Tax Credit, while 30% claimed it in Ottawa and Halifax. Winnipeg wasn’t far behind on this one, coming in at 29%.

Our numbers are a bit more impressive if you look at it from a per capita perspective.




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