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Floodway Gates Lowered as Spring ‘Flood’ Ends

April 22, 2010 3:38 PM | News

Consider the “flood” of 2010 to be over.

The province lowered the Red River Floodway gates Thursday morning, as there is no longer a need to divert water around the city of Winnipeg.

The gates were raised March 28, but the flood risk this spring remained significantly minor compared to other seasons.

Despite predictions from flood officials that Highway 75 would close, it remained open as river crests came and went around it.

Earlier on Thursday, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation reopened Provincial Road 217 from #200 to #246. The highway had been closed due to water on the road. #246 from PTH #23 to St. Jean Baptiste was also reopened to traffic after water on the road subsided. One lane for traffic still remains on the Red River Bridge in St. Jean Baptiste, as barriers are still in place.

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