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Grass Fires Being Fought at ‘Record Levels’

April 23, 2010 9:05 AM | News

Winnipeg firefighters are fighting grass fires this year at a “record level,” the union representing them says.

The United Firefighters of Winnipeg said Friday that in the last few days, more than 50 grass/bush fires have been fought. Many years firefighters do not fight 50 grass fires in an entire year. The warm temperatures and dry conditions are making it perfect for fires to ignite in areas that are sometimes difficult for firefighters to access.

So far, no major property loss or injuries have been reported due to the recent string of fires, but officials warn the public to be vigilant. A ban on open burning has been put into place within the city of Winnipeg, and throughout the province of Manitoba until conditions improve.

Thursday’s fire along Dugald Road needed more than eight fire apparatuses and over 32 firefighters. Fire officials believe the blaze was caused by sparks from a passing train on the CP line.


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