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RCMP Investigating Suspicious Animal Injuries

April 27, 2010 10:19 AM | News

RCMP in Altona are working to investigate several dead and injured animals in the RM of Rhineland.

On March 5, RCMP were called to a veterinary clinic where two dogs were brought in for treatment. One of the dogs was suffering from a burn the size of a grapefruit through its fur and thorax muscles. The dog’s injuries were so severe it had to be euthanized. Police also learned of another dog brought in days earlier belonging to the same owner as the first. The second dog had lacerations to its underside, believed to have been caused by a sharp object. ChrisD.ca has decided not to publish the provided photos of the injured animals, as they are very graphic.

The owner of the dogs said the animals escaped her yard, despite having a 6-foot fence. Large snow drifts made it easier for the animals to leave, but they always returned home. RCMP say it does not appear there was anything on the owner’s property to cause similar injuries to the dogs. It is unknown how these injuries were caused.

Later that same day, RCMP were called to a location southwest of Highway 14 and 306. A local resident discovered a coyote and a fox that had been skinned, and tossed over the bridge laying on top of the snow. Both animals did not have tails.

On March 25, a dog was brought to the Pembina Valley Humane Society suffering from malnourishment. The animal was found with twine wrapped/tied around its body and attached to a jug full of rocks. An investigation revealed the dog was a pet that had recently gone missing two days earlier. It was later learned the dog was in fact just skinny from recently nursing 10 puppies, and was not malnourished.

If anyone has any information on these cases or any similar occurrences, please call the Altona RCMP at (204) 324-6970 or your local law enforcement agency.

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