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$4 Million in Upgrades Planned for HSC Emergency Dept.

May 3, 2010 2:08 PM | News

Extensive upgrades are on the way for the Adult Emergency Department at the Health Sciences Centre.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority released the plans Monday, with a price of $4 million. The planned renovations are a way of improving patient safety and making friends and family members more comfortable while they wait.

Planned changes include an expansion of the triage area, a new link between the Emergency Department and other hospital services; upgraded signage to help patients understand what to expect during their wait in the department; improved wheelchair accessibility; and the addition of a new private family area to make visits more comfortable for patients and their families facing difficult situations. Also on the agenda is a pre-triage area designed to hold 20 people when a department experiences a surge in patients.

“We know the areas where we want to see improvements,” said COO Adam Topp. “We continue to work with staff to ensure we address their concerns and needs about creating an environment where they can provide the best possible care to patients.”

The William Avenue facility will also get an indoor pedestrian walkway to connect the department with the rest of the hospital. Exiting the ED and re-entering HSC by street level is the only way to get to the cafeteria and gift shop presently.

The renovations are expected to begin later this year and will be completed in late 2011.

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