Pet Owners Rally in Support of Fluffy’s Law

Pet Owners Rally in Support of Fluffy’s Law

Pet owners gathered Saturday on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building in support of Fluffy’s Law. Bill 218 would make it illegal for apartment landlords to put a ‘no pets’ clause into rental agreements. Although, tenants with pets could still face eviction based on damage, noise and allergy concerns.

Almost 4,500 people have joined a Facebook group supporting the bill, which is being backed by the Manitoba Liberal Party.

The event was co-hosted by Bill McDonald, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Humane Society.

“Frankly I find it baffling that landlords are being so shortsighted and hard-headed on this issue,” McDonald said. “We have learned that in the 11 years Fluffy’s Law has taken effect in Ontario, only 1% of the 800,000 complaints received annually by their rental tribunal are pet related.” photos/Ted Grant




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