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Great Weather in Store for Giveaway Weekend

May 14, 2010 7:38 AM | News

The weather couldn’t be better for the city’s second annual Giveaway Weekend on Saturday and Sunday, as nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures are predicted.

Residents should drag any unwanted items to the curb on Saturday morning and slap on a “FREE” sticker. Just make sure you move your possessions back inside by dusk on Sunday.

The first Giveaway Weekend took place last fall, and was a huge success. In fact, some residents in Whyte Ridge got a head start last Saturday by holding the neighbourhood’s annual garage sale, and including many free items curbside.

As for what you shouldn’t put out, the city says to stay away from strollers, cribs and children’s toys with loose parts. You should also not put out any old mattresses, or other items you wouldn’t pick up yourself. Objects that are broken, or contain sharp edges and rusted parts should also be avoided.

The second Giveaway Weekend of the year will take place on September 11 and 12.

Speaking of giving away random free stuff — that was one of the topics Thursday morning with “The Panel” on CURVE 94.3. The lovely ladies from Shaw TV — Meera Bahadoosingh and Kim Babij — stopped by to chat with Andrea and Jay about the event.



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