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Road Safety Week Reminding Drivers to be Vigilant

May 18, 2010 7:15 AM | News

Road in non-urban setting

Canada Road Safety Week begins today, as CAA Manitoba, Manitoba Public Insurance, the Winnipeg Police Service and RCMP remind motorists to be mindful of their driving habits as the May long weekend approaches.

From May 18-24, drivers are encouraged to pull over to send a text message or make a phone call, be aware of their surroundings, plan their route ahead, adjust radio, seat, and climate settings before moving the vehicle, and to ‘keep it light’ — don’t get wrapped up in intense or emotional discussions.

“When the roads get busier, more accidents happen — and when you are driving distracted, they become even more likely,” said Liz Peters, CAA Manitoba Public and Government Affairs Manager. “We know today’s fast paced world is filled with distractions. That’s why we need to learn to shut out those distractions and focus on our main job while on the road: driving.”

During Road Safety Week, the Winnipeg Police Service, RCMP and Brandon Police Service, will be conducting beefed-up traffic enforcements throughout the province looking for non-use of seat belts, impaired driving and aggressive behaviour behind the wheel.

The nationwide Road Safety Week is an enforcement-driven initiative designed to increase public compliance with and awareness of safe driving measures and, ultimately, to save lives.