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Winnipeg Harvest: Keep Those Food Donations Coming

May 21, 2010 7:38 AM | News

Winnipeg Harvest has collected nearly 24,000 pounds of food since putting out an urgent plea on Monday for donations. These recent generous donations are enough to help make 1,300 food kits.

The food bank says they are one-third of the way to reaching their goal of being able to distribute food kits to 5,000 households each week.

Safeway is matching food donations made at any Winnipeg location, and Peak of the Market is matching items pound for pound with potatoes.

Other organizations have stepped up, including Boston Pizza and RONA. All nine Boston Pizza locations in the city will be accepting cash and food donations until Sunday, while RONA will be encouraging customers to round up their bill in support of Winnipeg Harvest. RONA’s goal is to raise more than $10,000 this Saturday and Sunday, and collect enough food donations to fill each of their three store’s truck beds.

Winnipeg Harvest feeds over 48,000 people in Manitoba each month.