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Province Pledges Disaster Assistance to Flooded Communities

May 31, 2010 1:51 PM | News

Premier Greg Selinger is promising financial assistance from the province after a series of communities and municipalities across Manitoba were affected by the surge of rainfall over the weekend, including over 500 homes in Winnipeg. Speaking to reporters at the Red River Floodway gates south of the city on Monday, Selinger said money will start flowing as soon as impact statements are received.


Selinger also touched on former Premier Duff Roblin, who passed away on Sunday, the same day the floodway he envisioned went into operation for the second time this season. “There’s something very poignant about that to have his most noticeable asset functioning on the day of his death,” Selinger said. “It kind of underlines the importance of the vision that he showed at the time that he brought the project forward.”

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