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Spare Some Change to Help City’s Less Fortunate

June 4, 2010 6:52 AM | News

By Brian Schultz

Change boxes are in place at cash registers at all Manitoba Liquor Mart locations throughout the city.

June is Change for the Better month and the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ wants people to put their money to good use by supporting social agencies that provide employment programs to people in need.

The change boxes are a better alternative than giving money to a panhandler, the BIZ says. Money given out on the street is often used to fuel addictions, rather than serve a meaningful purpose.

Change for the Better funds homeless work programs like Siloam Mission’s MOST program which helps those on the street get back on their feet.

“What people often perceive as a safety issue in downtown, is actually more of a social issue,” said Stefano Grande, Downtown BIZ executive director. “When people are panhandled, they often feel uncomfortable, but the truth is most of the city’s homeless are completely harmless. Through programs like Change for the Better, we can help others rebuild their lives.”

Online donations can also be made at DowntownWinnipegBIZ.com.