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Mosquito Fogging Trucks Will Roll Out This Weekend

June 17, 2010 1:20 PM | News

Swat! Tired of the mosquitoes yet? Of course you are, and the city knows it.

Fogging trucks will begin to roll out Saturday evening to battle the recent increase in adult mosquitoes, which have been compared to the largest emergence we’ve seen since 2005.

City entomologist Taz Stuart officially gave the public 48 hours notice Thursday morning at a news conference.


Spraying will take about five days to complete within the city, and crews will spray again in nuisance areas as needed.

The city will announce specific areas to be fogged 8 hours in advance on Saturday. Buffer zones can be requested by calling 311. More information on the fogging program is available at Winnipeg.ca/bugline.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Province of Manitoba said adult mosquitoes trapped for the week of June 6 and June 13 did not test positive for West Nile virus. Low numbers of Culex tarsalis mosquitoes were found in some communities in southern Manitoba. These are the same mosquitoes that are likely to carry West Nile, but the province says the risk of the virus remains low.

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