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U of M Engineer on iPhone 4 Antenna: Design Flaw

July 5, 2010 6:50 AM | Videos

The Apple iPhone 4 is the most revolutionary smartphone ever made — that is, until you hold it. It doesn’t like to be held. Seriously.

The Internet is flooded with reviews and reports from early adapters in the U.S. who say holding the iPhone 4 a certain way causes reception problems. What do you expect when the phone’s antenna is built right into the design on the outer edges? Apple says buying the optional bumper case accessory fixes the problem, but that suggestion isn’t sitting well with consumers.

University of Manitoba electrical and computer engineer Lotfollah Shafai has his own theories about the antenna issue …


The problem is so bad Apple and its exclusive mobile carrier, AT&T, are already facing a class-action lawsuit. And the phone has only been on the market less than a month!

Canadian consumers can expect the iPhone 4 in stores on the rumoured date of Friday, July 23. Better order those bumper cases in advance.