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Manitoba Search and Rescue Dog Passes Away

July 14, 2010 6:04 AM | News

Manitoba Search and Rescue has lost a valuable member of its team.

Maxx Power — the first certified Elite Therapy dog in Canada — has passed away after a brief fight with cancer.

Maxx was only one month from retirement and is MSAR’s first dog to pass away while on active duty.

“I am extremely proud the legacy that Maxx leaves behind — she has helped literally thousands of people because of the programs and services she helped to develop,” said George Leonard, Certified Master Dog Trainer and Maxx’s handler and owner.

Maxx was adopted after a near death experience with a car that left her with 11 broken bones, punctured lung and clinging to life. A veterinarian in another vehicle from Oak Bank came to her rescue and saved her life. Maxx’s injuries were so severe she had to be transported to a Saskatchewan veterinarian hospital for treatment.

Before her death, Maxx was training Mocha (MSAR’s new service dog being trained for Bi-Polar disorder — the first of its kind). Maxx also visited thousands of seniors and children during visitations throughout her career.

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