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Candidate for Council Wants to Curb Funky Smell in Whyte Ridge

July 22, 2010 7:10 AM | News

A city councillor candidate running in the Charleswood-Tuxedo ward is chiming in on an unpleasant odour residents in Whyte Ridge are dealing with.

Jarret Hannah (right) announced his intentions to run in June, and says he wants something down about the smell being produced by the organic waste depot just west of Brady Road.

Despite the fact that Samborski Garden Supplies has done their part to move their operation much further south of the city on Brady Road, they cannot relocate without approval from Manitoba Conservation and municipal government officials.

“We have a situation where a respected business is looking to work with the community to make it right and government is standing in the way,” Hannah said.

The owner of the site has expressed interest in a plot of land outside the city for relocation, but Hannah says bureaucratic red tape has slowed down the process.

Hannah has met with residents and the owners of the waste depot, and will make it a priority on his political agenda to resolve the issue if elected.

Winnipeg voters head to the polls on October 27.