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Winnipeg Escape Artist Has Close Call in China

July 28, 2010 7:12 AM | Entertainment

By David Klassen

Winnipeg escape artist Dean Gunnarson has been in China the last few months, where he has been performing risky stunts to the amazement of thousands of people everyday.

Earlier this week, a stunt almost went horribly wrong in Beijing when Gunnarson was attempting to escape from being chained down to a track. A speeding roller coaster was quickly approaching at nearly 100 km/h and clipped Gunnarson in the foot as he broke free from his handcuffs. He made it out just in time, but was sent to hospital with a broken bone in his foot and internal bleeding, which is creating a great deal of pain and making it difficult for him to walk.

Gunnarson is now out of the hospital and hopes to be cleared by doctors to return to Canada later today.

This Halloween, Gunnarson plans on being locked inside a steel coffin and buried six feet underground for two days. After two days of being buried alive he will attempt to escape on October 31, the anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death in 1926.

Gunnarson was recently married to his longtime partner and mother of his two children on July 10.