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Campaign to Rename Disraeli Overpass After Bachman-Turner

July 29, 2010 7:15 AM | News

The Disraeli overpass will soon be in the centre of a major rehabilitation project worth nearly $200 million set to begin in 2011. When it’s finished in 2013, the freeway will be wider, smoother and more accommodating to cyclists and pedestrians.

While construction has yet to officially begin, a group of Winnipeggers are hoping to have the CPR rail overpass renamed to something a bit jazzier.

Greg Glatz and Marlo Boux, aka “Greg and Marlo” from CJOB’s weekend show, have suggested renaming the structure the Bachman-Turner Overdrive. “Randy Bachman and Fred Turner, the founders of Bachman-Turner Overdrive, have represented Winnipeg to the world for over 30 years with their straight-ahead, industrial-strength rock ‘n’ roll,” a statement on GregandMarlo.com read.

The radio hosts have set up a petition to collect signatures and plan to eventually hand them over to Mayor Sam Katz. Depending on the response, this could end up turning into a hot election issue. As of late Wednesday, about 350 people had signed their name to the petition.

Legal issues now prevent the duo from using the name “Overdrive” in their title, so Bachman and Turner is what they’re now called. Maybe the Bachman-Turner Freeway would be a better choice to avoid a pesky lawsuit. Or as Power 97 suggested, the Bachman-Turner Overpass.

The local music legends recently performed together at the High Voltage Festival in London on July 25.

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