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Record-Breaking Attendance for 2010 Gimli Film Festival

July 30, 2010 6:08 AM | Entertainment

By Sarah Klein

It was another successful year for the Gimli Film Festival, as 2010 proved to set a new attendance record.

The 10th annual event drew in 25% more people than last year, making the beach screenings, film showings, workshops and parties as popular as ever.

The Saturday night beach screenings of “Passenger Side” and “Neil Young Trunk Show” saw the single largest audience in festival history.

Ian Johnson won the My Gimli Short Film Contest, Curtis Wiebe won the Best Manitoba Short for his film “The Devil Wears A Paper Hat” and Ryan Fitzgerald won $15,000 in the Rogers/Manitoba Film & Music pitch competition.

Gimli’s festival wasn’t the only that broke records this year. The Winnipeg Fringe Festival set its own indoor attendance record with 86,717, up 5,364 from 2009’s final attendance of 81,353.

The Gimli Film Festival returns July 20 to 24, 2011.