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North Kildonan Council Candidate to City: By-Law Breakers!

August 3, 2010 6:45 AM | News

A candidate for city council is coming out swinging against the City of Winnipeg, claiming the city is in violation of its own Charter and by-laws in approving the proposed addition of high density dwellings on Whellams Lane.

Brian Olynik (left) is running in the North Kildonan ward and says By-Law 3215/82 defines that the Whellams Lane area, the west side of Henderson Highway, is for low density housing only.

“The city is also in contravention of its own Charter, Sections 247(3) a,b,c and d. which prohibit the development of high density housing on streets not accessible by a major thoroughfare,” Olynik said.

Whellams Lane Tenants Association president Bill Kubik and association members contend that the addition of the new apartments will present a major traffic hazard with the addition of at least 400 vehicles on the already congested Whellams Lane.

According to Olynik and Kubik, the corner of Whellams Lane and Henderson Highway already sees a traffic volume of 42,600 vehicles a day, second only to the Disraeli Freeway corridor to Hespeler at 44,900 vehicles per day according to 2009 city traffic counts.

“Increasing the volume of traffic on Whellams lane will create even more dangerous conditions in the area, not only for motorists, but for local students who attend John Pritchard School as well as the many students from other local schools who frequent the McDonald’s and other stores in the area,” Kubik said.

Councillor Jeff Browaty was one time opposed to the development, but changed his vote to support the project.

The tenants association is currently planning a late summer event to gather support of association members and publicly fight a battle with the city to stop the project from moving forward.

Further details are expected at a later date.

The civic election takes place October 27.