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iPhone Users Have More Sex: Report

August 12, 2010 5:58 AM | News

Don’t take this one too seriously, but according to a new report released on the TIME Magazine website, users who own an Apple iPhone are more sexually active.

According to OkTrends — a free online dating site — user photos taken with an iPhone over a BlackBerry or other smartphone make the user look more attractive. This is attributed to the higher resolution of the iPhone’s camera, which boasts 5 megapixels if you take into consideration the iPhone 4. The higher quality image has led to more hookups.

A graph on the website shows the average male user has had 10 sexual partners by age 30, while BlackBerry users have had an average of 8.1 by the same age. Users of the Android came in last place with 6.

Female iPhone users appear to come out on top (no pun intended) with 12.3 sexual partners by age 30, compared to 8.8 and 6.1 for BlackBerry and Android users, respectively.

When they said the iPhone would change things again, they weren’t kidding.