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Motorists Urged to Take Precaution as Kids Head Back to Class

September 7, 2010 6:20 AM | News

By Brian Schultz

Girl (4-5) crossing street with crossing guard

As thousands of Manitoba children head back to class today, CAA and the Winnipeg police are reminding motorists to use extra precaution around school zones.

Increased child pedestrian activity and traffic congestion in and around neighborhoods and school zones is a recipe for disaster if you aren’t careful. With more than half of all students in elementary school, typically age 14 and younger, CAA warns motorists to be especially cautious and alert during the morning and afternoon hours.

“Kids are unpredictable to motorists on the best of days — darting into traffic and often failing to look both ways before crossing the street,” said Liz Peters of CAA Manitoba. “Add to that the fact that going back to school, kids are with friends and going to be excited, and drivers definitely will need to have a heightened sense of awareness as they pass through school zones.”

Peters says to look for the CAA School Safety Patrollers. With more than 10,000 patrollers at more than 275 schools in Manitoba, they’re a sure sign you’re approaching a school zone.

CAA Manitoba is also making it more safe for adults in a new program set to launch later today. The “Drive You Home” service allows members to call roadside assistance to drive them home in the event they’re ill, been in an accident or are impaired after a night out. The goal of the program is similar to the annual Operation Red Nose campaign, but will operate year-round. The service can be used once per year as part of the four annually-allotted service calls members can make.