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East European Genealogical Seminar Helps Trace Your Roots

September 8, 2010 6:43 AM | News

World's Largest Pysanka (Ukranian Easter Egg), Elk's Park, Vegreville, Alberta,

Winnipeg has a large Ukrainian and Polish population, so it would only be fitting that genealogy experts will offer the rare opportunity to help those interested trace their roots.

The East European Genealogical Society will help those with ancestors and family from the Galicia region of what is now western Ukraine and southeastern Poland find out more about their family’s past.

The full day seminar on Galicia: Multi-Ethnic Roots in Ukraine and Poland will explore various topics, including a description of the area, how records of the people were kept, and how to locate, read, and analyze them, languages (including Cyrillic), and much more. Those with Ukrainian and Polish roots will be covered in-depth, while minority groups such as German, Jewish, Mennonite, Armenian, and Czech with roots in Galicia will be covered if there is interest.

The seminar takes place Saturday, October 2 at Red River College’s Princess Street Campus. Registration is $55 for East Europe Genealogical Society members and $60 for non-members. Lunch and dinner with council members and guest speakers is optional and not included in the registration price.

The seminar is open to 120 people only. To request a registration form, call 989-3292 or visit eegsociety.org.