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Jubilee Overpass Finally Reopening on Sunday

October 1, 2010 12:25 PM | News

After months of manufacturing around Fort Rouge’s residential back streets, the Jubilee Overpass will finally reopen to traffic on Sunday.

The city says traffic will begin flowing again by the afternoon. Riverside Drive will also reopen on October 3.

While the overpass will now be reopen, crews will complete their final work and cleanup of the site in the coming weeks. This will cause the occasional lane closure on Pembina Highway.

The roadway east of the overpass deck now splits into two left turn lanes that empty onto Jubilee Avenue eastbound. The median-side left turn lane will be open, but the new curb-side, left turn lane will remain closed while construction of the Jubilee Avenue bikeway proceeds along the eastbound curb lane on Jubilee Avenue east of the overpass project site.

The overpass was slated to reopen earlier than this weekend, but concrete on the ramp was installed improperly by the contractor and needed to be removed and replaced. The city is not responsible for those costs.

The $8.5 million project to rehabilitate the 41-year-old structure closed the overpass in May of this year.