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Jailed Alzheimer’s Patient Awaiting Medical Assessment

October 7, 2010 10:29 AM | News

By Brian Schultz

Joe McLeod, the 69-year-old Alzheimer’s patient currently being held at the Winnipeg Remand Centre, won’t get a taste of freedom until at least October 25.

McLeod is awaiting a medical assessment to be conducted, and will remain behind bars indefinitely until that’s completed. The Transcona resident was arrested in early September after allegedly lashing out at his wife, Rose, after not recognizing her.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is blaming the family for the situation, pointing the finger at Rose McLeod for not seeking home care services.

The Liberal Party Caucus says the provincial NDP have still not commented on why they think that a jail cell is a better place for Alzheimer’s patients than a care home.

UPDATE: 3:09 p.m. — The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has released the following statement regarding Joe McLeod:

The region has arranged for Mr. McLeod to undergo a health assessment today to determine if he is an appropriate candidate for a Personal Care Home bed and the type of service.  An emergency placement bed has been arranged once his care need is assessed and confirmed.

However, any such placement will have to await the outcome of Mr. McLeod’s court hearing which we understand is occurring on Friday morning.  Assuming those issues are resolved, he should be moved into an appropriate setting on Friday.  In the meantime, the WRHA has contacted Sylvia Rothney of the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba so that WRHA and the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba can work collaboratively with both Winnipeg police and the Department of Justice to establish better protocols for dealing with such situations.

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