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North Kildonan City Council Candidate is Anti-Burma Shaves

October 12, 2010 6:18 AM | News

Burma Shaves: When an electoral candidate draws attention to one’s campaign by waving on street corners, holding up large signs, balloons, or other items to get motorists and passersby to notice them.

Brian Olynik is one city council candidate you won’t see using this technique in his campaign.

Olynik is vying to be city councillor for North Kildonan and disapproves of his main opponent’s use of Burma Shaves on city streets.

In a release over the weekend, Olynik says, “The current councillor for North Kildonan utilizes this form of campaigning on busy streets such as Henderson Highway.”

While he doesn’t name incumbent councillor Jeff Browaty by name, it’s clear who he’s referring to.

Olynik cites data from Manitoba Public Insurance and the Winnipeg Police Service that states distractions are dangerous to motorists and others.

“I personally consider Burma Shaves to be very dangerous,” Olynik said. “I hope someone does not get hurt before candidates realize this.”

Incumbent Mayor Sam Katz frequently uses Burma Shaves to draw attention to his campaign.