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Katz Pledges Recycling Depot Pilot Project

October 14, 2010 2:46 PM | News


In an effort to reduce the city’s waste, incumbent Mayor Sam Katz pledged Thursday to implement recycling depots if re-elected.

Five depots would be located throughout Winnipeg and provide additional employment to those living with intellectual disabilities in conjunction with a one year pilot project with Versatech Industries Inc.

Katz says Winnipeggers are paying two cents on each recyclable beverage container, but don’t have a financial incentive to recoup their cost. For every aluminum can, plastic beverage container and glass container returned, consumers would receive a two cent refund.

The city would contract with Versatech, a registered charity, to staff two people at each of the five depots operating three days per week.

Products recycled at each depot would be given to the city to market, thus taking profits of the sales to offset the cost of the program.