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Poll Shows Winnipeggers Back Union’s Plea for More Ambulances

October 18, 2010 8:54 AM | News

A firefighter and paramedic wheel an injured cyclist on stretcher to an ambulance on St. Mary Avenue September 6, 2010. (WPGCAMERAMAN / CHRISD.CA)

New poll results released Monday show 84 percent of Winnipeggers want a greater investment in ambulance resources.

Viewpoints Research surveyed 400 citizens in the city between September 23 and 27, and also found only three percent of those asked find Mayor Sam Katz to be reliable source of information when it comes to telling the public about the state of Winnipeg’s medical services.

The numbers come after a recent campaign to highlight the shortage of ambulances available in the city.

“Obviously the ambulance shortage is something that Winnipeg families care deeply about, and they’ve been very clear they recognize a problem exists with our system and know what the solution is — more resources,” said Chris Broughton, Paramedics of Winnipeg, Local 911 president. “I’m confident that Winnipeggers will continue to make this an issue in the current municipal campaign because they recognize lives are at stake if government doesn’t act.”

Poll results are considered accurate to within plus/minus 4.9 percentage points and is part of the second phase of the Paramedics of Winnipeg, MGEU Local 911 public campaign.

All four mayoral candidates have been asked to complete a questionnaire on the ambulance shortage. Those who respond will have their results released publicly on Friday, October 22.

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