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Neon Lights the Focus of New Manitoba Museum Exhibit

October 19, 2010 6:35 AM | Entertainment

A new exhibit at the Manitoba Museum will have visitors walking towards the light.

In the Glow: The Science Behind the Art of Neon opens Thursday and will provide a nostalgic display that exhibits a dazzling glow.

The exhibit is a trip back into the 1950s, when the museum’s Alloway Hall will be transformed into a spectacular light display where neon characters, animals, and messages burst out of the darkness with astonishing colour and brightness.

Visitors will also see how neon works and why it stopped being used for signage and promotion.

Among many interactive devices in this exhibit, the display shows the unique colour differences between the five noble gases used in lighting: Helium (pale peach), Neon (bright orange-red), Argon (rich sky-blue), Krypton (silvery lavender/blue) and Xenon (pale violet).

The Manitoba Museum is the first venue for this exhibit in North America and will run it until January 3, 2011.