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Resident Angry Over Excess Traffic Circle Coverage

October 22, 2010 7:35 AM | News

Most River Heights residents who approach reporters at the Grosvenor Avenue and Waverley Street traffic circle do so to express their disapproval with the new concrete device. But in some cases, residents approach reporters to ask them to leave the area.


While filming Thursday afternoon, our photojournalist caught a resident yelling at Global TV reporter Lindsay Warner and her cameraman Walther.

“Go home!,” the man can be heard yelling. To which Lindsay replied, “You’re coming out here for attention and that’s what you’re getting.”

Apparently the man was pro-traffic circles and thought all the fuss over them was being blown way out of proportion.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about as a reporter,” he continued. We beg to differ.

While the traffic circle isn’t going anywhere soon, it was a hot topic Thursday night at the River Heights Community Centre during a debate between incumbent city councillor John Orlikow and challenger Michael Kowalson, who are both vying to win the River Heights-Fort Garry ward seat.

In fact, the issue is becoming so popular, there’s even a movie in the works about it.

Listen: (via Andrea and Jay at CURVE 94.3)


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