Twelve People Involved in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 10

The change in weather has already caused havoc on one stretch of a Manitoba highway, creating a five-car collision.

RCMP say the accident happened on Tuesday at about 4 p.m. on Highway 10, approximately five miles east of Swan River. Road conditions at the time were wet and slush covered.

A 2004 Ford Explorer lost control and rolled into the ditch on the south side of Highway 10. A motorist stopped to help and a chain reaction followed, involving five different vehicles.

Twelve people were in the vehicles, including three men, eight women and a three-year-old girl. All were examined and treated for injuries, which are reported to be non-life threatening.

Alcohol is not considered to be a factor, and seat belts were in use at the time.

On Wednesday, RCMP closed Highway 10 through Riding Mountain National Park due to snow and poor driving conditions.


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