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Sewer Work Will Prevent Basement Flooding in St. Vital

October 29, 2010 9:47 AM | News

By Brian Schultz

Residents living in parts of St. Vital will be further protected from basement flooding after a $2.6 million project began this week to reduce the number of sewer overflows.

The city is installing a new land drainage sewer along St. Mary’s Road between Norberry Drive and Springside Drive. Currently the area has a combined sewer, which handles both wastewater and land drainage. This type of system can cause concern during heavy rainfall, as the pipe can become overloaded

The new sewer will prevent flow from directly moving into the rivers before it reaches the treatment plants. The project will also handle all land drainage, reduce the load on the wastewater sewer during heavy rain, and prevent back up through house sewer lines that aren’t protected.

Parking restrictions will be in effect along St. Mary’s Road during the five-month project until April. North and southbound traffic will not be affected and disruption will be minimal.