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Lost Children Will Have Meeting Places at Santa Parade

November 13, 2010 7:25 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

With the 30,000 people expected to flood downtown streets later today for the Santa Claus Parade, Child Find Manitoba wants to ensure the little ones stay nearby their parents.

The organization and its volunteers will be running the “Play Tag with Your Kids” program, designed to help reunite children with their parents or guardians in the event they get separated from one another.

Upon arrival to the parade, Child Find Manitoba is asking parents to have their children ‘tagged,’ by having a guardian’s cell phone or other contact number written on the child’s tag

Volunteers will explain to parents and children that in the event they become separated, there are locations along the parade route that will serve as meeting places — safe places where children can go to for help, and locations where parents can come searching for any lost children. Volunteers stay with missing children until parents arrive. In the case where a parent arrives first, Child Find Manitoba volunteers and other parade personnel will help to safely locate the missing child.

The Missing Children Booths will be set up at the following five locations along the parade route:

  1. William Stephenson Way & Main Street
  2. Donald Street & Portage Avenue
  3. Edmonton Street & Portage Avenue
  4. Colony Street & Portage Avenue
  5. Balmoral Street & Portage Avenue