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Warming Hut Designs Unveiled at The Forks Today

November 17, 2010 11:55 AM | News

"Ha(y)ven" is one of three winning warming hut designs unveiled Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at The Forks. The huts will line the river trail and keep skaters warm during the winter months. (HANDOUT)

Five new warming huts were unveiled at The Forks Wednesday, which will later be placed on the river trail once the waterway freezes over.

The three winning designs, “Under the Covers,” “Ha(y)ven” and “WOODPILE” represent Philadelphia, New York and Tel Aviv respectively. University of Manitoba Architecture students created “Cocoon,” and competed with their peers for the winning spot. The final design titled “Jellyfish” comes from renowned architects John and Patricia Patkau.

“I remember one winter growing up when it was incredibly still and cold and the ice froze on the Red River like a mirror,” said Patricia Patkau. “Fish had frozen in the ice below you and you skated right over them. Surreal. It was a memorable event in a child’s life.”

Over 130 warming hut designs were considered and narrowed down by a jury of Manitoba architects. Construction will begin in January.

Clare MacKay of The Forks says there will definitely be a river trail this year, but to what extent isn’t yet known. Due to high water levels, ice could end up freezing jagged and frazzle, making it impossible to groom a smooth trail.

View the photo gallery of the other warming huts below.

To read more on the warming hut designs, visit WarmingHuts.com.

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