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Skiers Welcome Recent Snowfall to Begin Season

November 22, 2010 7:29 AM | Sports

Camryn Dewar stands next to a snowmaking machine at Stony Mountain Ski Area. The season is expected to begin Saturday, November 27. (HANDOUT)

After a weekend of snowfall, Manitoba’s ski hills are getting ready to open next weekend.

One of those ski destinations, Stony Mountain Ski Area, has been working 24/7 since last Thursday and plans to open up this weekend.

“The recent snow of 15-20 cm has been a welcome assist from Mother Nature this year,” said co-owner Heather Dewar.

Compared to last year, ski areas are opening much earlier due to colder temperatures.

“Last year we opened December 12 so we were three weeks behind,” explained Dewar. “We are getting numerous inquiries from people interested in learning how to ski or snowboard this year.”

With an anticipated opening on Saturday, Stony Mountain is urging winter enthusiasts to keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for updates.