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Humane Society Calls on Province to Ban Sow Stalls

November 23, 2010 6:51 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

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The Winnipeg Humane Society called on provincial officials Monday to ban sow stalls, and presented a 10,000-signature petition to make their point.

WHS CEO Bill McDonald met with Deputy Agriculture Minister Barry Todd and Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Wayne Less to show the overwhelming support Manitobans have for stall-free pork.

McDonald also discussed the possibility of “conversion funding” to help farmers make the transition to a group-housing sow system.

One of Australia’s largest grocery chains, Cole’s Supermarkets, has banned all imported pork products in recent days from countries that use sow stalls.

Canada exported almost $140 million dollars worth of pork to Australia since 2009, according to the Humane Society.

“If Manitoba does not change their pork production methods Manitobans will be on the losing end,” McDonald said. “More and more companies are banning pork produced from confinement.”

The Winnipeg Humane Society has been vocal for several months, staging a demonstration at the Manitoba Legislature in October to draw attention to the issue.