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Tom Jackson’s Fundraiser Concert Helps Winnipeg Harvest

November 29, 2010 7:24 AM | Entertainment

By Guest Contributor

Once again, Tom Jackson did not disappoint the large crowd gathered at Westminster United Church on Saturday for his annual “Singing for Supper: An Evening of Song and Celebration.”

Proceeds and food donations from the night went entirely to Winnipeg Harvest, which has had a 21 percent increase in the number of people using its services since last year.

“The need is greater now than it has ever been,” the Canadian singer said, which he again reiterated to enforce the call for action.

Harvest feeds more than 57,000 people a month, with half of its clients being infants and children. A number of seniors and refugees also depend on Winnipeg Harvest for their nourishment.

In the prelude to the concert, audience members were entertained by the HMCS Chippawa Navel Reserve Band Brass Quintet. Opening prior to Jackson were Pear, a husband and wife duo from Calgary, with Denis Dufresne on the fiddle and mandolin, and his wife Lynae on the violin.

Sisters Carly and Britt McKillip from “One More Girl” also provided opening act entertainment, with a moving rendition of O Holy Night.

Winnipeg Harvest works with more than 320 neighbourhood food programs in the city alone, and more than a dozen food programs in rural Manitoba. The need for donations continues to grow for the organization, as the demand for food is constantly rising.

“Unfortunately, 25 years later, the need is greater than ever before,” executive director David Northcott said. “However, the passion to reduce hunger and poverty is still strong.”

Northcott thanked Jackson for his devotion and passion for helping fill the hunger void, calling him his ‘cherished friend.’ Jackson’s efforts have raised over $11 million for food banks, family service agencies and disaster relief.