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Website Helps Kids Track Santa’s Journey

December 1, 2010 6:15 AM | Entertainment

A screen grab from PoloParkSantaTracker.ca, launched by Polo Park Shopping Centre to entertain young visitors with activities leading up to Christmas.

Polo Park Shopping Centre has launched a new website to help children track Santa’s whereabouts as he makes his journey through the skies on Christmas Eve.

Besides keeping tabs on the Big Guy, PoloParkSantaTracker.ca allows kids to add their wishes to Santa’s wish book and try their hand at online colouring.

The mall says the website is a non-commercial experience that provides website visitors with an inside look at the magical world of the North Pole.

Starting at noon on Christmas Eve, the site will transform for Santa’s big day. Children can watch Santa live on the Santa Cam, view a counter of presents delivered, and read updated news on Santa’s location.

Of course, youngsters can still visit Santa in person at the mall until December 24.