Tories Pressure Selinger to Release Final Stadium Figure

A rendering of the future football stadium at the University of Manitoba (BLUEANDGOLD.CA)

The final cost of the new football stadium at the University of Manitoba still isn’t known, forcing to provincial Conservatives to pounce at the chance to hammer the premier on the spiralling figures.

The Tories say nearly eight months after introducing the theme “get r’ done” and rushing out to dig a “desperate hole” at the U of M, Premier Greg Selinger isn’t providing the current estimated cost of the struggling project.

In early November, the cost overruns tallied $160 million, but that figure turned out to be lower than the amount expected to be released. Speculation has put the figure at almost $170 million, but it could be higher, with some critics predicting close to $200 million.

“It’s been almost a month since his initial desperate deal fell apart,” said Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen. “He (Selinger) claims that talks are ongoing. Yet he refuses to provide any information to the taxpayers of Manitoba, who will foot the bill, and he refuses to even show the strength a premier should have to get an agreement done.”

Talks of Creswin Properties developer David Asper being axed from the deal are all but a sure thing, but an official announcement on the updated figures and ownership of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers once the stadium is built has yet to be made.


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