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Want to Be a Mobile Journalist at Sun TV?

December 10, 2010 8:01 AM | News

The soon-to-be-launched Sun TV News channel continues to line up staff for when it goes live early next year.

The Quebecor-owned venture is seeking ‘mobile journalists’ in three Canadian cities, including right here in Winnipeg.

In a posting on Thursday, Sun TV outlined requirements for the position, which include the ability to shoot, edit and present news content with a high degree of clarity and competence.

Other qualifications include a minimum five years of experience in a broadcast environment.

The news channel has already announced the addition of Winnipeg-based and nationally syndicated radio host Charles Adler to their team, along with former CBC reporter Krista Erickson.

As we exclusively reported in October, local preparations are underway at the Winnipeg Sun offices on Church Avenue to create a TV studio and encourage staff to use video more frequently in their stories.

On November 26, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission granted the news operation a standard specialty TV licence for five years.

The deadline to apply for the mobile journalist position is December 31, 2010.