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RCMP Charge 36 Drivers with Impaired Driving

December 13, 2010 1:21 PM | News

Police officers during traffic stop

Since the RCMP launched their Holiday Check Stop Program on December 3, more than 6,455 vehicles across the province have been pulled over.

The 172 check stops have resulted in 36 people being charged with impaired driving, and another five charged with refusing to provide a breath sample. There were 42 people charged with similar offences in 2009.

Twenty-three people had their driver’s licences suspended for 24 hours, while 46 drivers were charged with not wearing seat belts. Twenty-seven people were charged in 2009.

Another 464 tickets were handed out for other traffic-related offences.

During the check stop period, there has been one fatal crash where alcohol is considered to be a factor.

Locally, Winnipeg police arrested seven more individuals over the weekend for impaired driving.

According to a recent CAA study, 35% of Manitobans admitted to driving after having a drink.