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New Scholarship Remembers Fallen Police Officers

December 16, 2010 3:47 PM | News

By Tyler Sutherland

A new scholarship in memory of injured and fallen police officers was launched Thursday at the University of Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg Police Service Opportunity Scholarship in Memory of Injured and Fallen Officers will be awarded to students through the UWinnipeg Opportunity Fund.

The $2,500 scholarship supports educational opportunities for students from the North End and downtown Winnipeg high schools.

Two scholarships will be awarded annually beginning in the fall of 2011, and will be given to individuals who have made contributions to, or been involved with, their school or community through volunteer work and other initiatives.

During the second year, up to four scholarships could be awarded, and up to eight in the fourth year.

Money for the scholarship fund was raised through the Winnipeg Police Service Community Challenge Golf Tournament and a partnership with Boston Pizza that raised $20,000.

Donations to the fund can be made at UWinnipegFoundation.ca.